Version Date Changes
1.6 2016-10-10 Updated manual (switched to gitbook and small bug-fixes'.
1.5 2011-10-28 ReadSegy.m : Added option 'traces' that allow fast reading of specific traces. When the 'minmax' option is used, the corresponding traces are first located through header files, and then data are read using the 'traces' options. For larger files this cause the reading time to decrease significantly when using the 'minmax' option.
1.4 2011-04-05 ReadSegyHeader.m : Fixed 'SkipData' conflict with Robust Control Toolbox. Disabled Waitbar. wiggle.m : Allowed specification of line color. Allow overlaying wiggle plots. Allow NaN value in 'VA' style plotting. ReadSu : Fixed typo in line 221. MergeSegy.m : Added mfile to merge Segy Files.
1.3 2011-01-20 Added 'ReadSegyTraceHeaderValue' and 'WriteSegyTraceHeaderValue' that can be used to read and write the TraceHeaderValues one by one. Much faster that reading the whole dataset.
1.2 2009-01-01 Updated GUI to work for Matlab R2008a. Enabled loading of partial segyfile (using time and header ranges) from GUI (ctrl X). Enabled editing of the textual file header (both ASCII and EBCDIC)
1.11 2003-08-01 Kristian Stormark contributed a change to GetSegyTraceHeader that reduce the number of disc operations causing a significant speed up.
1.08 2007-03-01 Urs Boeniger contributed a patch that allows arbitrary SegyTraceHeaders to be specified for WriteSegy.m.
1.06 Fixed a bug that casue a fixed length of 5011 samples in ReadSu.
1.02 Cleaning up code to work with Octave 2.1.57.
1.01 'jump' related fixes.
1.00 2004-11-15 Cleaning up some Matlab 7.0 specific bugs.

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