wiggle.m is used to plot seismic data using using wiggle or variable area type plotting, optionally on top of an image plot of the data

wiggle type:

                      % get from 
                      % http://gdr.nrcan.gc.ca/seismtlitho/archive/le/stacks_fgp_e.php

Wiggle plot

Variable area:


Wiggle plot

Graphical User Interface utilities

A simple graphical user interface has been implemented in Matlab (Note : this section is unsupported in Octave).


Calling segymat opens a graphical user interface for viewing and editing SGY formatted files:

 Editing the SGY binary header - segymat GUI

Keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Action
+ Increase gain
- Decrease gain
4 Pan left
6 Pan right
2 Pan down
8 Pan up
1 Pan down/left
3 Pan down/right
7 Pan up/left
9 Pan up/right
5 Center
a / arrow left Zoom in
z / arrow right3 Zoom out
h toggle hiding plotting preferences

simple reading SEG-Y files

Select File->Open to select a SEG-Y file, which will be read using the original SEG-Y header information.

expert reading SEG-Y files

Select File->Open(expert) to handle SEG-Y header values prior to reading the file, and to read in only part of the SEG-Y file.

 Editing the SGY binary header - segymat GUI

Editing the SGY header

GUIEditSegyHeader is a GUI for editing the SGY header.


 Editing the SGY binary header - segymat GUI

From this GUI it is possible to view and edit the Textual File Header (Editing the SGY header)

Viewing the textual file header

GUIEditTextualFileHeader is a GUI for viewing the textual file header (either in ASCII of EBCDIC format) [editing is not yet implemented].


 Editing the SGY binary header - segymat GUI

This GUI is integrated into GUIEditSegyHeader(Editing the SGY header).

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