Installation and requirements

SegyMAT has been developed and tested using Matlab (R2016a) running on Linux and Windows 10. Any other Matlab supported platform should work.

As of version 1.02 Octave (version >2.1.64) is supported as well.

No Matlab toolboxes are required.

Local Installation

Running Matlab with Java extensions (the default), the path can be set using the pathtool command, by selecting the install directory (and subfolder GUI), and save the path and you are done:

>> pathtool

To install without using the commandline, one can can manually add the install folder to Matlabs search path. If the install directory of SegyMAT is /usr/share/matlab/SegyMAT simply use:

>> addpath /usr/share/matlab/SegyMAT -begin
>> addpath /usr/share/matlab/SegyMAT/GUI -begin

Global Installation

For a system wide installation add the following line (substituting the location of the directory)

>> addpath /usr/share/matlab/SegyMAT -begin
>> addpath /usr/share/matlab/SegyMAT/GUI -begin

to pathdef.m, usually located in $MATLAB_INSTALL/toolbox/local/pathdef.m

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